phpPhotos is an on-the-fly photos album generation written in PHP. Its main goal is to be easy to use and to allow drag and drop publication of your digital photos on the web. Here is a short list of features:

It has been tested with:


phpPhotos requires a web server with PHP support:

Download and installation

Installation is just a matter of copying the php scripts on your web server. The configuration parameters are stored in the file phpPhotosConfig.php. Especially you should modify the $photoBaseDir variable to point to the base directory which contains your albums. Also you can customize the appearance tuning the provided style.css.

Download here

Known problems


** v0.7 - 03/11/2007
- make the generated XHTML code and the CSS compliant with the w3c standard, add icons

** v0.6 - 14/10/2007
- add support for zoom in diaporama mode
- some artwork

** v0.5 - 7/10/2007
- add some comments in phpPhotosConfig.php
- show phpPhotos version in credit link
- fix for buggy internet explorer 6
- update phpPhotos homepage link
- fix for EasyPhp: check for invalid array indexes
- check if exif functions are available
- code cleanup

** v0.4 - 30/08/2007
- BUGFIX (typo) in phpPhotoResize.php
- more consistent naming
- fix for PHP5
- better layout
- code cleanup

** v0.3 - 28/08/2007
- add a side bar containing thumbnails in the diaporama view
- split code into browser part and diaporama part

** v0.2
- on-the-fly creation of thumbnails

** v0.1
- Initial version